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Learn How to Prevenir Osteopenia


Osteopenia is a decrease of bone density over time and, it means that bones are becoming brittle. It is not osteoporosis, but it is getting close to that point. The warning signs are all there. It affects people over the age of 40 primarily and is most often found with women, though it can occur at any point in life and with any gender.

You may be wondering how you can prevenir osteopenia and there is good news. First of all, you do not have to get the condition. Osteopenia is usually caused by a poor diet and lifestyle. If you are sedentary and don’t eat nutritious food but do eat a great deal of junk food, you are at a high risk.

prevenir osteopenia

Other risk factors include chronic drinking of alcohol as well as alcoholism, smoking cigarettes, drinking too many sodas on a regular basis, drinking large amounts of coffee. Women who have had an early menopause are also at very high risk. A lack of physical activity with no exercise is a very large contributing factor.

Prevention is going to include a major switch to a healthy lifestyle. You will have to cut out all of those habits mentioned above and get on a diet for osteopenia. That is the sort of thing you can ask your doctor or nutritionist about. Get plenty of sleep, drink enough water rather than sodas, keep caffeine and alcohol to a minimum.

Do exercise regularly. Resistance exercises like lifting weights or Hatha Yoga are perfect solutions. When you combine physical exercise with good nutrition and a good bone supplement, the chances of preventing this loss of bone is very good.

These are reasonable lifestyle changes that almost anyone can make. It may be a bit challenging but if you consider the alternative, you should still do it. When you are diagnosed with osteopenia, you still have to follow the same steps. Now that you know the contributing factors, make the changes now. If you have anyone in the family with the same condition, you are at a much higher risk and need to focus on prevention.

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