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Termites Irvine Counter to the Drywood Pestilence


Termites Irvine

Pest control experts say that the Drywood termite is quite common to the Irvine area. These are the words of seasoned professionals who speak from experience. Ask them what has not been tried before and many of them will say, well, been there and done that. The poisons that we have tried in the past seem to have little or no effect on the hardy Drywood termite. They grow quite accustomed to it and continue to build their colonies. What an inconvenience this has been to residences and businesses over the years.

But back to the present. Today there is a formidable Termites Irvine counter that is driving the colonies away, never to be seen (or heard of) again. Termite specialists and pest control experts have quite literally removed their gloves. The new formula is safe to use and handle. But it is dangerously deadly for the Drywood termite, as well as the seemingly more docile Suburban termite.  What happens is this. The specially prepared formula is natural and organic. It is quite literally derived from the bark of a tree.

This seems to make natural sense, in the sense that trees would always be an attraction for termites, given that they are all comprised of wood. Termites, of course, thrive on wood. They need it in order to survive. They even feed on it as the Subterranean fecal matter shows as evidence. This seemingly unique bark has protected its trees from the ongoing invasion of the termites. On the home front, all existing wood pieces, interior and exterior, are vulnerable to this termite invasion. Conventional fumigation has not worked a hoot.

Three to six months later the termites simply return to their original nesting spots. But there will be no sign of them when the drywood formula is applied. There are termite specialists who have gone the extra mile where customer care is concerned. What they have done is this. They have installed a long-lasting warranty to their work. But on the off chance that a termite colony should rise again, the technicians will return to the premises and reapply the formula that has always worked anyhow, free of charge.

Rest easy in the belief that nature knows and works best.